Women in Industrial Relations Interest Group

In 1997 the Society determined that it needed to encourage more women members to the Society. Whilst the female membership was not low, the participation rate was less than expected given the number of members. The Women in Industrial Relations Interest Group (WIRIG) was formed to encourage female participation.

WIRIG is a Committee of the IRSV. It exists as an initiative of the IRSV to provide an opportunity for women members of the IRSV to network and attend functions which focus on the needs and interest of the women participants in WIRIG. 

WIRIG has been successful in bringing together women from a range of industries and workplaces via informal and formal functions. Those involved believe that the variety of venues and styles of presentations have contributed to the successful forums for networking opportunities.

In June 2012 the Society 'relaunched' WIRIG.  Stay tuned for more relevant events.

For further information, please contact Molly Rhys-Jones on 03 9614 7545 or irsv@alphalink.com.au