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ALERA Conference 2021
You and your networks are invited to the 2021 ALERA Conference ‘The Future of Employment Relations & Work: Sustainability, Productivity & Inclusion in an age of Artificial Intelligence, Digitization & the Gig Economy.

When: October 15–16, 2021
Where: Melbourne, VIC
Women in Industrial Relations Wine and Webinar
When: July 9, 2020
Where: Online
Lunchtime seminar in partnership with Monash University
When: March 17, 2020
Where: Caulfield, VIC
Annual Joe Isaac Symposium
With a rapidly changing workforce being reshaped by developments such as the gig economy, new forms of collective worker representation are emerging. Apart from unions and formal collective bargaining structures, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) have become a significant force in US industrial relations. These NGOs include worker rights groups, worker and immigrant rights centres, other organisations and affinity groups in non-union employers. What is the influence and staying... Details