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Where: Melbourne, VIC
Coming in 2020 - Awareness and Resolution of Bullying in the Workplace
Presented by:   Commissioner Hampton,  Deputy President Booth of the Fair Work Commission and  Natascha Boehm, Director, The Workplace Collective.  The following topics will be covered: What is bullying? How does bullying affect people and organisations? How can a “bullying aware” workplace be fostered? What do if bullying does occur in the workplace? How to manage an antibullying application in the Fair Work Commission

ALERA Conference 2020
You and your networks are invited to the 2020 ALERA Conference ‘The Future of Employment Relations & Work: Sustainability, Productivity & Inclusion in an age of Artificial Intelligence, Digitization & the Gig Economy.

When: October 16–17, 2020
Where: Melbourne, VIC
Lunchtime seminar in partnership with Monash University
When: March 17, 2020
Where: Caulfield, VIC
Annual Joe Isaac Symposium
With a rapidly changing workforce being reshaped by developments such as the gig economy, new forms of collective worker representation are emerging. Apart from unions and formal collective bargaining structures, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) have become a significant force in US industrial relations. These NGOs include worker rights groups, worker and immigrant rights centres, other organisations and affinity groups in non-union employers. What is the influence and staying... Details