Welcome to the new IRSV President

The Executive Committee of the IRSV would like to welcome Victoria Lambropoulos as the new President of the Society.

Prof. Greg Bamber on 1 May 2014 vacated the President's chair as he will be taking up a well deserved sabbatical that will see him overseas for much of the remainder of his term as President.

At the Executive Committee meeting on 1 May 2014 the Executive Committee sought to fill the casual vacancy that Greg's travel's would create.

The Committee was pleased to endorse the nomination of Victoria to fill the position and maintain the Presidency in the hands of 'the Academics' for the remainder of the term.

As per the Rules, the Presidency will be up for election at the 2014 AGM to be held at the end of the year.

We wish Greg all the very best for his travels and thank him for the dedication and devotion to the Society, and we look forward to welcoming him on his return.

Victoria is looking forward to our next event and meeting as many of our members as possible!  We have provided a picture of Victoria so you can say hello.


Niki Howells-Schramm


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